...and together we will regain what we have lost and live a life without fear, insecurities, uncertainty and mask.

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In 2003, 2004 and 2013 mankind suffered the worst times ever. They were attacked by the SARS- COV, HCoV NL63, MERS- CoV diseases respectively. Even though many perished, humankind never wavered or ceased. Still, we could contrive and press forward through the most troublesome junctures. But that was not all about it!

Then, in 2019 once again an intruder, an invader of a small kind known as the coronavirus- scientifically named as the SARS-CoV2, invaded the realm of the human community. This disease was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. It has a large, roughly spherical particles with unique surface projections. This virus hardly has an average diameter of 120mm. According to the retrospective analysis, starting from December, the number of coronavirus cases in Hubei progressively increased, reaching 60 by 20 December and at least 266 by 31 December.
Then in 2020, throughout the initial stages of the outbreak and mutiny, the number of cases grew and doubled approximately every seven and a half days.

Everyone was frivolous. They did not take this subject as a mattering situation. Gradually this virus started spreading all over the world. Countries like Italy, China, France. etc were the top leaders of having the most utmost death rates. Millions and millions of people perished, many languished, countries could not hold on to their safety and preventive reputations, many countries excruciatingly lost their economic status. Moreover, feeble and the poor had no options to sustain their lives except trusting God. This hideous, horrendous and mincing virus and its army started gaining control over the human domain by destroying the lives of people. It also has settled its red pennant.

Due to this gruesome and outrageous circumstances, the government had ordered all the public places including schools, colleges and institutions to be closed. People have lost their lives, many have lost their beloved ones, many have lost their jobs and struggling for a living. Many businesses are on the verge of closing down, companies are laying off people and so on. The whole world is living in ambiguity and uncertainty! Poverty at its peak! We are living in hesitancy, are filled with anxiety and grief. Masks and other protective equipment have become part of our clothing! This has never occurred in the history of mankind. Human being’s most critical affliction ever.

Yet this trialing period has also revealed the best side of humanity. Doctors, nurses, other health care professionals, ambulance drivers, policemen, servicemen, security guards, scientists, online delivery boys, etc and many more have contributed and are contributing their own valuable lives for our subsistence and our comfort. NGOs and common people have rendered their help to the poor and needy. Neighbours cooperating. We have also learnt to value and esteem our family and friends and never take them for granted, to value what we have today, rather than regretting when we have lost it. We learnt to be selfless and think about others.

The whole world is anticipating to destroy this mutant malingerer- COVID 19. Scientists, doctors and other medical universities are also working hard for introducing vaccines and medicines to conclude this perilous rule of this virus on the human race. I firmly believe that one day we would have the equipment and the authority to fight against this virus and together we will regain what we have lost and live a life without fear, insecurities, uncertainty and mask.

If our forefathers in the Bible could stand together and overcome the worst circumstances with God’s help, if the citizens of France, Germany, Russia, India, etc. could fight as a whole for democracy, enfranchisement and liberty then there is no doubt that we the people of this whole world, be it be from any religion, caste, race, the rich ones and the poor, the fragile and the salubrious, we all, one day will be free and independent from this pestilent.

We don’t have to worry or be turbulent. Trusting in God and being active in His presence is another thing especially we disciples of Christ must do. Besides this trouble, we are going through, as Christians lets play our roles which are our obligation. God is in control over all things!!!!! –

Elijah R Biji

(Std X, Bright Public School, Bangalore)

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