We are a set-apart people for and by the Lord God. Thus it is well said, ‘we are in the world but not of the world’; yes, we may fit perfectly here in many a capacity but we do not belong here!!

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Pr. V. O. Varghese Pr. V. O. Varghese a.k.a. Paril Paradeshy Chairman, Carmel Media Vision

It’s a quote from Bollywood teen sensation ‘Kashmiri-born Dangal star Zaira Wasim (18).  She is a National Award Winner actress who has decided and declared to quit her profession.  As the writer was just reading India Today online news, he happened to read through these lines.  This note caught his attention.  We are ignorant of the integrity of Ms. Wasim; rather it is least concerned too.  But what she said has a deeper meaning and relevance in regard with our faith and life. Therefore, here, we are to bother about our Christian commitment to as well as communion with our Master.  She is just a contemporary relevance from another faith to prove our cause.

We are a set-apart people for and by the Lord God.  Thus it is well said, ‘we are in the world but not of the world’; yes, we may fit perfectly here in many a capacity but we do not belong here!!  How strongly we should be aware of it!  But often we try to make us fit where we do not belong to. Our belonging is not to this corrupt, polluted, abominable world under its god Satan.  We may feel fit here but the Bible says of the saints of old, “the world was not worthy” for them (Hebrews 11:38).  Beloveds, as we are chosen by the Lord from this world (John 15:19) for Himself (Psalm 4:3), this world is not fitting (worthy) for us.  We are also being preserved for our betrothed groom, Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 11:2,3; Jude 1).  He has paid a high price to own us.  Having loved us, Jesus gave Himself up for our sake that we may be presented for Himself (Ephesians 5:25-27).  Since Jesus Christ has loved us, purchased us with a higher price than that we deserve, and having been chosen and kept secured for the Crucified Christ, He owns us; we, therefore, belong to Him only.  We do not belong to ourselves too.  If we do not belong here, why should we try to befit us here in this system? Moreover, we are unfit here yet try to befit ourselves.

My dear born again friends, acknowledge that we belong to another world – not included in this creation; Nevertheless we are living here down on earth and in the world, we belong neither to this planet earth nor to this world (Thus we are not earthly or worldly).  Rather, we are heavenly citizens (Philippians 3:20).  We were dead in sins (Ephesians 2:1b) but we have been quickened (made alive – Eph 2:1a); while we were dead, we belonged to this world; then we were very fit for this world (Eph 2:2,3); it was because our lord was the Devil and we were the children of rebellion and disobedience.  But now, the God rich in mercy has loved us, quickened us in Christ, saved us, raised us up and made us sit together with Christ in heavenly places and in Christ Jesus (Eph 2:5,6).

In this manner, every true Christian is spiritually seated with Christ in heavenly realms; he is a heavenly citizen but living in probation on this earth – in this world for a heavenly and divine purpose.  A true disciple (most spoken designation of a New Testament child of God), hence, is a stranger or foreigner in this world of sinfulness and ugliness.  We must therefore, know that very many things of this world may seem to be legitimate or fitting for us but we belong to another world order.  For certain, we belong to the One Who Redeemed us and the One we are being preserved for.

That Bollywood teen star confessed boldly that she got ‘a lot of love, support and applause’ in her profession, but these gains ‘silently and unconsciously transitioned her out of her ‘imaan’ (faith)’; she admitted that her continuance in ‘where she was perfectly fit’ ‘consistently interfered with her ‘imaan’ and therefore her ‘relationship with her religion was threatened’.

Dearly beloved citizens of heaven, shall we recognize the things which transitioned us from our ‘most holy faith which was once delivered unto the saints’ (Jude 3, 20)?  Come, let us sincerely analyses that how many times as well as what all things hijacked us from the true faith and threatened our allegiance with the Crucified!! We have indulged in  worldly affairs for quenching the quest for emotional pleasures, for lustful contentment,  unlawful relationships, unjust profits (money, power, positions, acquisition, e t c), … But all of them have estranged us from our holy and precious faith; they have been a threat to our commitment to God; our love for the One Who loved us more than His Only Begotten Son has been under constant danger.  Often our engagement, normal daily life itself threaten our personal relationship with our God.  But the reality is that we are least concerned about our faith and intimacy with our Lord and Father God.  Let me stress once again that leave the star actress: even when these secular, worldly people are concerned of their faith and religion, how much more we should be serious about our faith and relationship with Christ???  Knowingly and/or unknowingly we engage in as well as enjoy number of things, issues, relationships … which lead us astray from our Loving Father.  It is true that we give ourselves in a lot of things which threaten our personal association with the Triune God, but still we are not serious about.

Mr. Joseph and Mr. Daniel are two youngsters worthy of the title “Mr. Clean of the Bible”.  Both of them were very keen, even to foresee, the possible circumstances which would affect their faith and threaten their relationship with their Covenant God.  They were willfully committed to pay a high price to escape from this “threat” of “transition”.  For them, the fieriest threat was not the threat to their life, their very existence, but the threat against their faith and personal alliance with their God.

Shall we come to a decision and declaration that I am ready to quit everything and anything that will transit me from my faith and undivided loyalty to Christ?  Let us be committed to the Triune God in undivided loyalty and undying allegiance.  This world is still the same – as same as of Jesus’ time – no positive change has ever occurred to this world; in its values, perspective, approach and treatment e t c it is as same as it was during the time of saints of old.  If any change has ever been felt, then it is we who changed: we begin to be fit in this world as if we belong here.  We should not be like any liquid or air that compromise to the shape of the container; rather let’s be like un-flexible, strong solid matter which either reshapes the container according to its shape or breaks it but remains unchanged.

Come on, let’s live here on earth and this world as we do not belong here!  Fix our thoughts, minds and hearts on the world order we belong to! It is for a very short while we are here.  We are not citizens here, but simply on a tour; it is not our destination here but simply transiting through!  Enjoy, therefore, this tour with less luggage and dream of the destination.  Maximum minimize the possession and use of things of this present age.  Accumulate treasures for the age to come with the treasures of this age.  Let this thought echo in us always: ‘this world is not worthy of me and I do not belong here’! The Lord Jesus is at hand to collect such saints to Himself.

If any one of my readers has not sure of being taken up with Jesus Christ on His return to receive the saints to Himself, let me urge you to believe on Jesus crucifixion for your sake and His resurrection from among the dead.  He is still alive and loves you too.  Therefore repent of your sins by confessing them to Christ and renouncing them sincerely.  Then Christ will be your Lord; prove your faith on Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection publicly by immersion water baptism; you will be sealed and filled with the Holy Spirit of God Who would prepare for the mid-air advent of Jesus Christ!

“That I was never meant for this place
I don’t belong here.
I will never forget the day that you showed me
That I was never meant for this place
I don’t belong here. im made for heaven.”